No need to leave Europe to travel to Caribbean style white sandy beaches, climb Hawaiian like volcanoes, walk African dunes, sail with dolphins or surf all year round. Only couple hours flight from mainland Spain, by the coast of Africa are located the 7 Canary Islands, Spanish archipelago: Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro.

People from all over the world move to this paradise and we have chosen for you the 7 most interesting reasons why is this a fabulous place to live in.


1. 365 days of sun

If you are the kind that once summer is coming to the end you start counting days to the next summer, whether you miss sun during long winter or grey autumn days, then this real ¨Everlasting summer¨ experience might seem too good to be true. Just follow the sun, every day is a good beach day in Canarias (in Spanish).

December to February are the most rainy months. You might wake up with couple of rain drops and strong wind in the morning, however by the afternoon it is sunny again. On the coldest day (about 15 degrees) you can still chill on the beach having little BBQ or go surfing in a wetsuit.


2. One of the most beautiful beaches in the world

Imagine driving by the coast, taking roof down on your convertible and just gazing at the sandy/rocky coastline and crystalline water as far as you can see, then you park in between volcanoes and walk to an empty beach where you can spend the full day with your friends and family eating light snacks, dancing to the music, snorkeling.

Canary Islands are a true jam and somehow still quite protected secret from the world. Be aware that most of the beaches are remote and wild, with no infrastructure and life guards.

It is particularly what we like about this place, admiring its raw beauty and its perfection in simplicity in all colors from white sand to red volcanic terrain. The Canarian landscape is recently receiving more attention from National Geographic and from Hollywood which has filmed on the islands movies such as Exodus, Fast & Furious 6, Wrath of the Titans, Wonder Woman 2, Allied, Rambo 5, Star Wars, the Witcher, currently shooting The Eternals.


3. Outdoor lifestyle

The Canary Islands is a sought destination by many watersport lovers. Kitesurfer s and windsurfers will appreciate the constant wind. (Which has also a refreshing cooling effect in this African location). As coastline is on every island a short distance away, surfers can easily drive around on their hunt for the best wave. Ecotourism thrives and exceeds imagination.

Discover on bicycle or hike the volcanoes with lava landscapes like from another planet, that contrast with almost jungle forests and pine trees. Sailing, diving, sport-fishing, S.U.P, sky-diving, rock climbing, horseback riding are just few of the popular outdoor activities to name.


4. Every Island, different world

Living on a budget and it doesn’t allow you travel as much as you would like to? No problem. Just change an island by low cost flight or a ferry. If you miss civilization with all its privileges such as culture, shopping, concerts etc. Gran Canaria would be your choice. Missing mountains? In Tenerife you can even see snow in February on the top of the mountain in Teide National Park. In Teide or in Teror mountain in Gran Canaria you can see Pine tree landscape just like the one in Big Bear in California.

La Palma and Gomera are fully green occupied by small remote hippie communities working on their permaculture activities.

Lanzarote is specific for its black, red and beige volcanic landscape. On the other hand Fuerteventura offers romantic contrast of long white beaches and protected dune area, formed by sand blown from the Sahara. Big part of the island is protected as national parque, therefore the island is less populated and less developed than for example Tenerife. People choose Fuerteventura especially for its simple life in connection with the sea.

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5. The best of Europe and Africa

As Europeans, we love the sun, which we can´t enjoy as often as we would like to and Canary Islands it offers plenty. There is a beauty in the rawness of the landscape, in sunsets over volcanoes and sunrises over the sea. Aloe vera is everywhere present together with other very specific cactus flora.

Life is much more easy-going and low paced than in Europe. However since the islands are part of Spain and European Union it facilitates the living and working conditions on the island significantly, the infrastructure is modern and streets are clean and safe.


6. Marine paradise

You find paradise of immense natural beauty as the Canary Islands are home to an abundant marine life and about 15% of marine area is protected. Dolphins and whales can be easily seen during boat excursions.

7. Simple life

You don´t want to spend day long in the office and work for living? It is common practice and well understood to work maximum 6 hours a day on the island to have time for family, leisure and creative activities. Popular activities are permaculture, jam sessions, art workshops, salsa and flamenco lessons. And as the islands have become home to people from all over the world, you can tap into their culture by taking Samba lessons with Brazilians, Italian cooking class with Italian chef, play African drums, learn circus art and more.